At Westchester Foot Care we use the latest imaging techniques in diagnosing and planning treatment of foot and ankle pathologies.  Digital x-rays are a new technology offered at all our offices that provide safer, better quality, and more detailed images than traditional x-rays.

This technology can also display x-rays in just a few seconds allowing patients to obtain their results immediately.  In addition, images can be copied on a CD and given to patients at their request.

Why Digital X-Rays May Be Ordered:

  • Suspect a fracture or break in the bone
  • Evaluate structural deformities
  • Locate foreign objects, such as glass or metal
  • Planning of surgical procedures and monitor postoperative healing
  • Look for signs of osteomyelitis, or bone infection
  • Assess for arthritic changes, including gout
  • Monitor healing of fractures and growth of bone in children
  • Rule out a variety of pathologies

At Westchester Foot Care we use the most cutting-edge tools to provide outstanding podiatric care and are committed to earning the trust of our patients.  Contact us today!