Howard Blank, DPM

Originally from New York, Dr. Blank graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1980. Upon graduation, he was granted a top surgical residency in Chicago at North Lake Hospital, performing some twelve hundred surgeries. With confidence and great training on his side, Dr. Blank was employed by The Union Industrial Podiatry Group in Buffalo, NY. He was tasked with performing all the surgeries for the group and in a two year period, performed some sixteen hundred procedures after residency.

Dr. Blank is a highly qualified physician and surgeon with over 39 years of practical experience. Trained in the latest techniques to treat and prevent foot and ankle related disorders. The doctor believes in educating his patients so they may understand their pathology and work with the doctor toward a solution, not just relieving pain temporarily.

Head, hands, heart and experience; Dr. Blank has the tools to help you as he has helped three generations of patients in Westchester; from mom to grandma to daughter. Surgery, biomechanics, gait analysis, athletes and children benefit from Dr Blank’s circumspect approach to your foot health.

*Dr. Blank works out of the New Rochelle and Yonkers offices only; he is not available at the White Plains Office.